July 3, 2015

Market Profile EOD analysis & Ref levels

Nifty future opened above prev day value area again met with responsive sellers pushed price inside the value area (Open drive down) and stalled at 8430 yesterday's Poc. A neutral day ( bell shaped) with value area overlapping suggest a temp pause to existing rally. The slow move either side suggest market likely to spend more time in this zone. On a composite profile it looks a triple distribution marking 8475 a key ref zone.

Key ref level to track here is 8520 / 8475 / 8400 / 8330 . We should look for faster move on price leaving this zone to catch the next trade. Poor structure at 8380 zone is a sign of caution to add longs at higher levels.

Happy trading !


July 2, 2015

Market Profile EOD analysis & Ref levels

Nifty fut opened above value area high had open test drive up which is bullish continuation of prev day development. Price scaled to 8475 CLVN zone met with responsive selling . Normal variation day  with value area completely developed higher. We have a anomaly at 8395 zone .

Trend is bullish here. 8415 & 8455/8475 Key ref levels to watch out. We have 8330 nearest VPOC & 8240 placed on downside.  Also a Failed auction at 8192 zone. One need to tighten the tsl for existing longs & Fresh longs need to be avoided at higher levels.

Happy trading !


July 1, 2015

Swing Trade - 8400 PE

Bought 8400 PE @ 127. 
Positional Trade.
Will exit if NF crosses 8460

Nifty Future - 1st July 2015

As its clear form Chart that Nifty is running into Resistance zone. It may  rotate here.
Also we have Pending Failed Auction from 29th June. Waiting for failure here to retest FA .

June 30, 2015

Market Profile EOD analysis & Ref levels

Nifty Fut opened with a huge imbalance down below 4 day balance zone . Value area developed completely lower with a double distribution structure . 8350 Zone Bracket low holds the key . Retest and rejection is a good short rentry opp. We had failed auction at yesterday's low zone 8192. So any upside rejection we need to position short accordingly looking for that area retest. 8345 & 8240 VPOC key ref levels here.

June 24, 2015

Hello Friends,

Just a startup after many days here. Thanks vandana for doing good job.

Well, current swings/structure is clearly bullish since couple of days. On 23 Jun Nifty printed a higher support or say demand zone above which Up bias will be maintained. So trade that side with Long trade opportunities. On daily chart, breakout lines have been shifted upside once again. So native trend developing is again towards upside, with support of long term weekly chart. Long term weekly chart is in correction mode and still moving in down sloping channel. This may delay a full recovery on long term upside move.